As a frequent writer on  matters telegraphic,  I like to canvas the opinions of fellow Brasspounders as a form of research, and occasionally as a reality check.

The surveys on this page are on-going, and your response can be completely anonymous if you prefer to do it that way. Results may or may not be published in a variety of fashions, but there will never be any association between results and an individual’s response.  To participate in a survey, simply click on a survey question below.

73, and thanks for playing…

Marshall Emm, N1FN

Current Surveys:

1.  What’s your “sending style?” —  do you use a telegraph key in the American or European style?

2.  What’s the best kind of bearing to use in keys and paddles?

3.  Newsletter Format –should we change the format of our new products and news announcements?

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