Do you ship outside the US?


We are delighted to do business with customers all over the world.


On-line orders can be placed using most credit cards, and mail orders can be paid for with an “instrument payable in US Dollars.” For example, we accept Postal Money orders in $US (known to be available in Canada and Italy), and “bank drafts” from many other countries. In some circumstances we may ask you to FAX a copy of your credit card, or make your payment by means of a wire transfer.

Shipping Methods:

We use postal services (including Global Express Mail), DHL, and FedEx for international shipments. Almost all international shipments will require insurance.


All international shipments of merchandise require a Customs Declaration, and many require a Commercial Invoice. In all cases, the declaration will be accurate, and the accompanying invoice will show the details of the transaction. Please do not ask us to declare your purchase as a “gift,” or “used,” or at a reduced value. We cannot not falsify export documentation!

Customs Duties, Taxes, and Permits:

Almost all shipments of merchandise are subject to import taxes. Many types of merchandise are subject to Customs Duty as well, although most countries exempt amateur radio and telegraphy equipment from duty. Some countries require an “import license” or permit for all imported goods. Your Post Office should be able to tell you what fees and charges will be applicable. Any such duties, taxes, or fees are the responsibility of the customer.


There are a few countries that we simply cannot ship to because of US Trade Regulations.

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