If you could only have ONE key…

Which one would you choose?

Whoa, what a question!  I mean, what is the REASON that I can have
only one?  Is it because all the key makers have gone out of business, so I get to buy one, at any cost and then never any more?  Or is it because I’m moving into an apartment and only have room on the desk for one key?  Or is it because I can only afford a few dollars for one key? And do I get to keep my paddles and bugs? [g]

I can’t even turn it into another question, “of all the keys you
own, which is your favorite?”  because I have several favorites for
various purposes!

Well, I guess the best I can do is to tell you that I think the GHD
GT-501A is the best key in production today, even though it is not
the most expensive,  nor even the most expensive that we sell here. I would even venture an opinion that is the best key that has ever
been made.  I could back that up with a number of comparisons to other keys, but the main thing for me is the sheer pleasure of using it.  So having worked my way through this I guess I have answered the original question– all else being equal, if I could only have one key it would be the GT-501A.

For what it’s worth, I have similar strong feelings about the Schurr Profi 2 paddle (which I would be happy to replace with it’s successor, the Scheunemann Morse-Dirigent, if I ever needed to).  Probably 90%
of my operating is with that paddle. Again, I think it is the best
even though it is far from the most expensive.

I’m probably better equipped to answer these questions:  “What’s the
best value for money?” ( the Junker) or “What’s the best inexpensive
key” (the Hi-Mound HK- 708).

But of course we are talking about artistry and artisanship here, and there is a lot more to it than a simple mechanism and a stream of electrons.

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