Will the OHR DD-1 Digital Dial work with my radio?

We do not directly support the OHR DD-1 as a digital dial for radios other than OHR, but in practice it can be used with many. The manual includes block diagrams of several basic receiver types with indications of where you would look for a connection point. If your radio does not have a countable frequency available at a jack (e.g. an “accessory jack”) you will need to have some understanding of the electronics involved, and an ability to read the schematic diagram for your receiver.
But of course the DD-1 is also set up for use as a stand-alone counter. So if you can find a relevant frequency to count, you can use the DD-1, and often you can program the “digital dial side” of the device to show your operating frequency. The usual problem is that some receiver designs use different LO frequencies for different bands or groups of bands. One solution to that problem is to set up different offsets in the five memories of the DD-1, and selecting them is simply a matter of pressing a front- panel button.

The connection parameters are essentially identical to the AADE DFD1 (which we also sell). Neil provides detailed notes for a number of radios on his web site at www.aade.com.

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