Can you ship by Surface Mail to Europe?

Under ordinary circumstances we do not use surface mail, for four reasons:1. For packages weighing two pounds or less, the postage charge for surface mail is essentially the same as for Airmail, believe it or not. In many cases, a one pound package will cost more to send by surface “economy” mail than by air. This makes no sense, but the only answer we have been able to get from the USPS is that sometimes they might have a better contract with an airline than they do with shipping lines.

2. Airmail packages can be delivered anywhere in the world within 4-10 business days. Surface packages can take literally months, and the post office will not accept a claim for a lost package for 45 days after the longest “official” delivery period. During which time you’ve paid a credit card bill for a shipment that you haven’t received, and are probably going to bombard us with inquiries.

3. Often the biggest source of delays in overseas shipments are in customs and tax processing. For some reason, many customs and tax authorities give airmail a higher priority than surface mail.

4. There seems to be a much greater risk of loss or damage associated with surface transport. It seems to get much rougher handling, over a considerably longer period.

For these reasons and more, any savings on the postage cost will be more than offset by increased uncertainty and risk.

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