Ten-Tec Model 1254 Receiver

Some Mods from IW2EVK

Roberto, IW2EVK, sent in some mods for the 1254 which are well worth investigating.  They are:

        1: Increase selectivity

        2: Decrease hiss and birdies

        3: Increase sensitivity on LF/MF below 1.8MHz

        4:  Protect from static

        5:  Audio frequency output filter

        6: Indoor antenna tips including use of phone lines

The mods were hand written and drawn on very large graph paper, which scanned pretty well but they are big files.  Choose your
format below and click...

JPG format (image)  files    PAGE 1 (386Kb)        PAGE 2 (331kb)    PAGE 3 (251Kb)

Adobe PDF file (requires Acrobat or other PDF file plug-in or reader, 2.2Mb))


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