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Adapter: UHF FEMALE to UHF MALE, Right Angle

Plain Mouse Pads in Blue, Gray, and Red

The Morse Express coffee mug is back!

New Stock Just In:  
Scheunemann Morsetasten Morse Dirigent dual paddle

MFJ's new 407E Deluxe Memory Keyer

SUMMER 2017 GENERAL CATALOG is available on line.

The Nye Speed-X 320-001 Nickel Plated telegraph key is back in stock!

The Nye Speed-X 322-001 BRASS telegraph key is back in stock!

New OPTICAL SENSOR semi- and fully-automatic bugs from GHD! Models GN206W-P and GN209W-P

And the lost is found!  We have had the GHD GN807F Dual Paddle for months,
but somehow missed the web page update!

PalmPlug Mini Paddle Plug Kit for Stereo Cable

Economy Micro Nipper

Economy Solder Pump with Spare Tip

GHD CWD2014M Morse Code Reader

(most recent updates above this line!)

Morse Express 2016 Chirstmas Key

Parts and Components -
1N34A (DO-35), RCA line jacks, #4 hardware packs

McElroy's Morse Codes and Signals Chart

Tom French's The Vail Correspondent CD ROM

Our Winter 2016-2017 GENERAL CATALOG is available on line.

GHD's new FULLY automatic bug, the  GN209W

Several of K4TWJ Dave Ingram's books are back in print:
-- QRP Romps, Keys II the Emorium, Keys III World of Keys, Your Guide to HF Fun

GHD's double fingerpiece version of the new GN206 bug

Nye Speed-X 310-001 and 320-001 Keys in Stock

Palm Radio's Single Lever Pico Paddle and accessories

ELENCO ZD931 Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

ELENCO SH1025 brass shaving Soldering Tip Cleaner

TMC Classic 6040 Radio Solder, 1Lb Roll

New Telegraph Key from GHD model GT705A

From Four State QRP Group, AA0ZZ's EZKeyer III Kit

GHD adds headphone jack in the new GR301A/er Morse Training Unit  

JetStream's New 25A (30A surge) LCD Power Supply

Scheunemann has released the new Einhebel 3 single lever paddle.

GHD is back in the "bug" business with the new GN-206S

Magnetic QuickMount for the Palm Mini Paddle

Nye  320-001, 320-003, and 310-003  Nye Speed-X keys in stock

Nye  Navy Knob Upgrade for oval-base Speed-X keys

Shielded plugs (and installation service) for Scheunemann paddles and keys.

A few 2014 Christmas Key still available

EL-M1250 Elenco Professional Multimeter (VOM) assembled and tested

Palm MP-S and MP817 paddles now ship with "improved  cable."

New Palm Single Paddle (also works as cootie key).

New Tone Tube Code Practice Oscillator from Palm Radio

New Chrome Base GN807A Dual Paddle from GHD

Improved cable for Palm Radio Mini Paddle

Go Lab's EDU3010 Crystal Radio Kit 

New SM-141 Schenemann Small Hand Key, "Ruby" and Blue Fingerpieces for Morse Dirigent

More sizes for AGC fuses, 5 packs, .25, .5, 1, 1.5A

MFJ Electronic keyers - Deluxe Slimline and Econo Keyer II


 Pico Plate for magnet mounting on aluminum surfaces

 Steel side Panel for KX3

 Standard and reversed cables for Pico Paddle

Our 2013 Christmas Key is available for immediate shipping!

Jetstream JT-200DM 200W Dummy Load

Vibroplex Collectors' Guide, CD-ROM Format

Palm Radio's New Pico Paddle Silver

New Cootie Key from GHD, the GF501A Speed Key

Palm Radio's New Pico Paddle

Palminator Palm Mini Paddle Cable Adapter

Our  Summer 2013 Catalog

Nye Speed-X telegraph keys are back in stock

Morse Express 2012 Christmas Key

Schurr Hand Keys are Back! Scheunemann Kleine Handtaste

Power-On LED kit for the OHR WM-2 QRP Wattmeter

AADE's 20dB HF Preamplifier Kit back in production

Elenco AM/FM  Radio Kit and Training Course

GHD Dual Paddle Kit on Chrome Base

Bencher EZ-1 Universal Hookup Kit for Keys and Paddles

New 12V SLA (Gel Cell) battery.

Cable Kits for Logiikey  Keyers

New Vibroplex VIBROCUBE Paddles

30X LED Illuminated Magnifiers

More issues of Funny Noises posted for free download

CD-ROM Version of Sevick's Understanding Baluns and Ununs

CD-ROM Version of Bill Orr's HF Antenna Handbook

Morse Express 2011 Christmas Key   (eleventh in the series!)

MFJ 564B Deluxe "Iambic" Paddle

BHC BirdyKey Z73PLUS Miniature Telegraph Key

The Wireman, Press Jones N8UG,  WIREBOOK V

Rainbow Kits ACA1 HF-VHF Active Antenna

Rainbow Kits 10mm Jumbo LED kit, red or green

General 6" Steel Rule / Depth Gauge

Palm Radio's keys and paddles are now supplied with the travel case.

Our  Spring 2011 Catalog

BHC BirdyKey Z73 Miniature Telegraph Key

uniHAM UNI-730 Dual Paddle

GHD Dual Optical Paddle with Black Base GD508AB

Vibroplex Square Brass Racer Paddle

19-Range Digital Multimeter

Cable Ties, Black Nylon, 4"

Our updated Winter 2010-2011 Catalog

Jane Wodening's "Living Up There" Audio Book

4 inch Locking Pliers

New TC-701 Practice Key from Hi-Mound

Morse Express 2010 Christmas Key

Fitted Travel Case for Palm Paddles and Accessories

Replacement Fingerpieces for Katsumi KM-23 Paddle

French's Ted McElroy Biography, CD-ROM Version

BNC Female Bulkhead Connector

VIBROPLEX  keys, bugs, and paddles (more models arrived 7/2)

VIBROPLEX Collector's Guide is back in print

ELENCO Delrin Alignment Tool Set

ELENCO AC/DC Power Supply Kit 

UHF and BNC connectors and adapters

Scheunemann Einhebel 2 Single Lever Paddle

JetStream 30A Power Supply

JetStream HF and VHF/UHF Power & SWR Meters

Our Winter 2009-2010 Catalog

Jane Wodening's "Living Up There"

The 2009 Morse Express Christmas Key

Jerry Sevick's "Understanding, Building, and Using Baluns and Ununs"

JetStream Antenna Insulators

AMECO K-4 Key installed on UKB Base

Scarce, collectable keys in our Collectors' Corner

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