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Moderated by N1FN, Brasspounders  is a list for the Gentlemen (and Ladies) of the Key, the telegraphers, ham radio operators, and others who have an
interest in the equipment that makes Morse Code possible. As for topics, if it makes dots and dashes, or reads them,  it's right on topic. Keys, bugs, paddles, keyers, sounders, training equipment, you name it-- if you want to talk about it or get information about it then this is the place.

"Morse Code: the Original Digital Mode..."  73 DE N1FN

cqclogoColorado QRP Club
Milestone Technologies Inc. is proud to sponsor the official Home Page of the Colorado QRP Club, Inc, which is an organization of amateur radio operators sharing an interest in low power communication.  Here you will find information about the club, QRP and amateur radio operation in general, and a wide-ranging assortment of links.

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