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10MHz calibrated TCXO Frequency Reference

Our friend and colleague Neil Hecht passed away on August 19th, 2015.  His family and AADE were his life.  His wife and sons have our sincere condolences and best wishes. They ask for your patience while they determine the future of AADE.  In Memoriam donations may be made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
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    TCXO2 Outputs: 10MHz 1MHz 100KHz 10KHz 1KHz 100Hz 10Hz 1Hz

TCXO driven secondary frequency reference for radio amateurs and electronics hobbyists.

Long term accuracy of 1ppm or better. (30 cycles max error in the 10 meter band!!!)

Inexpensive, accurate reference for radio amateur or electronic hobbyists.

Assembled and Calibrated.  Eight switch-selectable outputs from 1Hz to 10Hz
Ever wonder how accurate your frequency counter is?  Or the frequency display on your receiver?  Now you can find out quickly and inexpensively-- no workbench is complete without a frequency standard, and now everybody can afford one!

The TCXO2 can be powered from a 9V battery or a +8-18VDC external power supply-- e.g. your 12V shack supply or an inexpensive wall-wart transformer. The power connector 9V "battery snap" accessible from outside the case.
The output connector is a heavy-duty Amphenol BNC female jack for high stability.  The circuit is very similar to that shown for the TCXO1 below, the major difference being the switch selection of output and the additional dividers to provide additional frequency outputs.  
Each TCXO2 is individually calibrated against a Rubidium frequency standard to about 0.1ppm (1Hz accuracy at 10MHz).  Long term accuracy approximately 1ppm (1Hz accuracy at 1MHz).  The 20MHz TCXO module drives a divide-by-2 network to produce the various reference frequencies. 
Output level is 0.5V p-p square wave into 50ohms. 

TCXO module

he TCXO itself is an SMD module which is individually calibrated against a Rubidium frequency standard .

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